Solar Parking Barrier – DDA Compliant

Solar Parking Barrier – DDA Compliant

Parking Barriers by Australian Bollards are boom gate systems ideal for application at the entrance and exit of car parks and secure areas. They are best used in conjunction with other roadside contraptions including security camera bollards, intercom systems and card readers to create an outstanding parking solution.

The AB-DBA-900 is DDA compliant, it also comes with a warning safety beacon lighting and siren, making it easily visible at night. Many trucks do deliveries early in the morning when it is still dark, the warning safety beacon lighting can stop accidents from happening and potentially save thousands of dollars in damages. It also features a very loud warning siren as the barrier is going both up and down alerting those around the barrier that it is currently in use.

The Customers need to choose whether it is right handed, left handed or articulate boom barriers.

This product comes in galvanised, powder coated steel and on request, can include Articulated Flexible Arms installation for application in low height locations such as basement car parks common in residential apartment buildings and shopping centres.

NoteOnly use the Boom Arm provided by Australian Bollards with these Parking Barriers for the most efficient and stable functionality.

 Our boom gates now come with optional LED illumination.

This upgrade will increase safety and provide a great aesthetic look in the day time and night.

These boom gates work in perfect conjunction with a range of our parking solutions including security camera bollards, intercom systems, height bars and card readers to provide a turn key solution.


AB-DBA-900 AB-DBA-900 (193 KB)

Boom Barrier User Manual Boom Barrier User Manual (1866 KB)

DDA Compliant Parking Bar DDA Compliant Parking Bar (453 KB)

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