Solar Bollard Lights – AB-SB800-260LED

Solar Bollard Lights – AB-SB800-260LED

Australian Bollards – Solar Bollards range is an aesthetically designed bollard that operate in a fully automatic mode.  The lights automatically switch ON in the evening and switch OFF in the morning by detecting day and night. These solar bollards lights are heavy duty corrosion resistant and are made for commercial use, therefore both strong and durable. They provide excellent light output as compared to others. They harness natural sunlight, converting sun rays into electricity via solar panels and store this electrical energy into purposely designed long life batteries. At night the light is then produced by drawing back from the battery. These solar light bollards are ideal for illuminating pathways, complementing resorts, outdoor function areas and creating a relaxed ambiance. These solar bollard lights have become a viable alternative to fixed wiring systems. It is economical to run, reliable and low maintenance eliminating the need for underground wiring. With the effects of global warming, due to our dependency on fossil fuels, solar bollard lights is a logical alternative. Environmental friendly, with a zero carbon footprint, solar power generation is the way for future.


  • –          City Roads
  • –      Residential Quarters
  • – Parks
  • – Outdoor terrace
  • – Garden Villas


These Solar Bollards are effective money saving solution with:

  • –          0 $ Electricity
  • –          0 $ Cost of Trenching
  • –          0 $ Cabling.
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AB-SB800-260LED AB-SB800-260LED (211 KB)